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If you have a missing tooth, dental implants are an option. Get in touch with professional dentists from Briercliffe Road Dental Practice.

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Dental Implants in Burnley: How We Started

Our dentist, Dr Mike Powell, is a fully qualified dental surgeon who previously spent two and a half years working in UK hospitals, gaining a great deal of experience with treatments for dental trauma and the removal of wisdom teeth. This experience stood him in good stead when studying toward a degree in Dental Implantology but he was initially prompted to embark on this demanding training by a request from one of his patients.

Faced with the prospect of being referred to another dentist in order to have a tooth implant, the patient in question made it known that he was only willing to have an implant performed by Mike himself. That lead Mike to expand his field of expertise as he wanted to be able to offer his patients the full range of dental care they demanded.

“I feel fantastic, relieved and would recommend having the implant treatment. A very dedicated team, they put me at ease and made me feel very welcome. I feel very lucky to have been a patient.”

Mrs C P-W

“How do I feel now the implant is completed? Euphoric! I’m only sorry i didn’t go ahead with the treatment 5-6 years ago, about the time that I first made enquiries regarding implants.”

Mr W H

“Life changing much more confident – very happy with the result personalised treatment plan”

Mr H M

“I was very impressed with all the staff at the practice . I am a very nervous and anxious person. I was made to feel totally at ease and reassured every step of the way.”

Mr J M

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