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Whether you require an examination, dental hygiene, dental fillings, dental bridges or root canal work, visit Briercliffe Road Dental Practice.
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Dental fillings in Burnley

If you require dental fillings, you've come to the right place. Briercliffe Road Dental Practice in Burnley has the experience and expertise to deal with patients who need dental fillings and we have a variety of dental filling options available, based on your requirements.

The most common fillings provided on the NHS are dental amalgam, which are a mixture of metals that include mercury, tin, silver and copper. Amalgam fillings are unsightly and many claim they are detrimental to health, but whilst I can understand these concerns there are occasions when an amalgam filling may be the only alternative to crowning a tooth, and if cost is a concern it is better to have the tooth restored than left broken. Tooth coloured or composite fillings which obviously blend in better with your teeth colour are the type we normally provide for our patients, and these are powdered glass and ceramic added to a resin base. 

If your tooth has begun to decay, it's time to go in for a dental filling. Contact us for more details and to schedule your appointment. 

Mouth cancer check

Everyone having a dental examination, whether NHS or Private should be having a mouth cancer check at least annually even if they don't smoke or drink.

If you are not sure whether your dentist does this, we can offer a mouth cancer check for you to put your mind at rest, give Julie a call now on 01282 415104

Mouth cancer screening

There is a national Mouth Cancer Action Month in November each year but here at Briercliffe Road Dental Practice we have decided to promote awareness all year round! One of our own patients who came for her regular dental examination found herself undergoing surgery for mouth cancer after Mike found a suspicious lesion during her routine mouth cancer screening, we are pleased to report she is now doing well, she had never smoked!

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Root canal treatment

The space between the root of a tooth often gets infected by bacteria when the tooth begins to decay. If this happens, then you need to go in for root canal treatment. Your dentist will either remove the tooth, or clean the bacteria infestation. Sometimes a dental crown will be placed on the tooth. At Briercliffe Road Dental Practice we have many years' experience in root canal treatment and will be able to deal with any problem you have swiftly and effectively. 

Dental bridges

If you have a missing tooth, you can bridge the gap with a dental bridge. Dental bridges can be supported by natural teeth or dental implants. Dental bridges make is easier for you to eat, speak and will also improve your smile. Dental bridges also ensure that your other teeth do not move out of position. Contact us for an initial consultation and we will give you the best professional advice on the treatment that would be most beneficial to you. 
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"For a number of reasons, I had fallen out of the dental system and had not realised the damage that had resulted over a period of neglect. Not only was I conscious of my protruding teeth, but also suffered considerable gum disease. The results have been fantastic and have made such a difference to both my outlook and self-confidence. All I can say is how important I feel that it is to attend for regular check-ups and to follow advice given by Dr Powell and ‘the team’. I can say from the heart that the only regret I have is that I did not take the opportunity to start the treatment earlier."
Mr B B

"Can't fault this practice, from the administration staff to the tremendous dentist Michael, to the hygienist. Fabulous service and a credit to their profession. I went there initially afraid of dentists, but making people feel at ease is second to none here and would recommend Briercliffe Dental Practice to anyone."
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For dental fillings or root canal treatments in Burnley, get in touch with Briercliffe Road Dental Practice on
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