Nervous Patients

Painless Injections in a 
Relaxed Atmosphere

At Briercliffe Road Dental Practice, we offer a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We are experts in treating nervous and anxious patients. 

The Dental Wand

The Dental Wand is a virtually painless injection system that is a great step forward from the old-fashioned syringe and needle, it is a great help for any nervous patients that come into Briercliffe Road Dental Practice. For people that have always found going to the dentists a frightening experience this could be the answer for you, as the Practice has had great feedback from patients who have previously had big issues about going to the dentist but on being treated here they have found it to be a relaxing and even pleasurable experience!

The Wand is a computer unit that has a hand piece attached to it which looks very much like a pen. Through this The Wand can supply anaesthetic in a slow and virtually painless manner. This way of giving the patient anaesthetic means that it both works in a more efficient manner and the patient does not get the same numbness associated with the syringe. It numbs just a single tooth rather than the whole side of your face.

Words of an anxious patient 

Mrs LC, whose fear of the dentist stretched back 50 years says:

"I only booked an appointment in sheer desperation after suffering from severe toothache.

I was overwhelmed by the kindness and patience of all the staff, they looked after me like I was one of the family."

We understand you are nervous

A lot of people are nervous about dentist visits. It could be because of a previous bad experience or embarrassment if your teeth have been neglected. Mike has seen innumerable nervous patients and he understands them and knows how to deal with them. You can trust Briercliffe Road Dental Practice when it comes to handling nervous patients. We are based in Burnley. Call us today to schedule your appointment. 

Patients who come to Briercliffe Road Dental Practice find that they are treated in relaxed and comfortable surroundings, the equipment is modern and makes the experience altogether easier, and the staff are welcoming and expert in what they do. Contact the Practice today for an appointment.
"Just to say thanks to my dentist at Briercliffe Road Dental Practice. Usually petrified of needles but they have something called "the wand" - I felt no pain and it's definitely cleared my fear! Great staff made me feel in safe hands and welcome. In the case of dentistry, you absolutely get what you pay for and am thrilled with the work done. Thank you :)"
Miss A G

"My fear of the Dentist has been awful over the year's, I couldn't go on my own my husband had to come with me. Then a friend recommended Dr Mike and things started changing. I now feel more relaxed and the last couple of visits I have gone on my own, the staff are great and the whole visit is so relaxed I can highly recommend them."
Mrs J W
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